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Forsyth Extension Gardener

Welcome, gardeners! Please see the resources and links below of information to help you grow a successful garden in Forsyth County.

What’s in bloom? View photos of what is in bloom at the Arboretum at Tanglewood Park and at the Forsyth County Demonstration Garden!

Wisteria floribunda

Check out the Forsyth Extension Gardener Playlist on Youtube.

Answers to Common Gardening Questions:

I’m just getting started with my garden. Where do I learn more? A good place to start is our Landscaping Basics resource page.

What should I plant in my yard? This is a complicated question, and the answer will be unique to you. Check out the Selecting Landscape Plants page for some help.

  • What should I think about when adding perennial plants to my yard? Find out information about perennial plants on the Your Perennial Border page.

I want to start a container garden, how do I do that? See our container gardening information page for details on this topic and be sure to watch this video on container gardening basics.

How can I garden to support bees and other pollinators?  This is a really great thing to do in your yard! See our information about native plants for bees.

I have questions about pruning – how do I prune, when should I prune, etc. Check out this article about pruning trees and shrubs in the landscape.

I want to use pesticides safely in my backyard. How can I make sure I’m doing that? See our homeowner pesticide resource page.

I have lots of weeds in my garden! What are they and how do I control them? A good place to start is our publication, Identifying and Managing Landscape Weeds.

I planted something in my yard, and now we’re expected to get a late spring frost. What should I do? Watch this video for tips on how to protect the garden from frost in the spring.

I have boxwoods in my landscape and I’m concerned about boxwood blight. What should I do? Read this article about boxwood blight for information about symptoms and management of this plant disease.