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NC State Extension connects farmers, agribusinesses and communities with vital research-based information and technology. Research at NC State targets society's grand challenges. Extension delivers this research directly into the hands of North Carolinians, helping them to translate knowledge into everyday solutions.

Goat grazing

Small Ruminant Grazier’s Workshop

SMALL RUMINANT GRAZIER’S WORKSHOP Registration: N.C. Cooperative Extension of Rowan County, 704-216-8970. Please RSVP by July 27 for meal preparation. Small Ruminant Grazier’s Workshop …

Angus Hereford

2018 NC Beef Cattle Field Day

2018 NC BEEF CATTLE FIELD DAY Upper Mountain Research Station 8004 NC Highway 88 E Laurel Springs, NC 28644 Phone: (336) 982-2501 October 6, …


2018 Summer Forage Management Workshop

Summer Forage Management Workshop August 14, 2018 Circle D Beef Oscho and Eric Deal 350 Saw Road China Grove, NC 28023 Program 6:00 pm To …

Cover photo for How to Grow Better Tomatoes

How to Grow Better Tomatoes

The lovely summer tomato, what could be better sliced thickly and served up on a sandwich or as a …

Recent Publications related to Agriculture & Food

Emerging mildew

Apple Powdery Mildew

This apple pathology factsheet describes apple powdery mildew, including identification and disease management.

CAR on leaf

Cedar Apple Rust

This apple pathology factsheet describes cedar apple rust and provides a brief overview of other …

Figure 1

Growing Peaches in North Carolina

This publication covers site selection, variety selection, weed control, pruning, diseases and insects and harvesting …

1 week ago
Gala FS

Flyspeck and Sooty Blotch

This Apple Pathology Factsheet describes flyspeck and sooty blotch in apple, including identification and disease …

Map showing North Carolina counties with BMSB

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (North Carolina)

Brown marmorated stink bug description, life history, damage, and control.

3 weeks ago

Health and Safety Impacts of Solar Photovoltaics

This paper addresses the potential health and safety impacts of solar photovoltaic development in North …


Food Recovery and Waste Reduction

Increasingly, food service managers are choosing to recover and reuse food scraps and other organic …

Figure 1. Food scraps for composting.

Composting at NC Residential and Summer Camps

Residential camps generate food scraps from meal preparation, plate scrapings, and leftover or spoiled food. …