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Get Ready, Stay Ready!

Are you interested in learning about how you can become more prepared for emergencies, but not sure where to …

Cover photo for Avoiding Post-Disaster Scams

Avoiding Post-Disaster Scams

September is National Preparedness Month. Natural disasters and severe weather in their aftermath can sometimes create opportunities for fraud, occurring …

Hands of unrecognizable senior couple with their grandaughter planting a seedling on the allotment. Man, woman and a small girl gardening.

The Grow Box

A program of Garden fun for your family delivered to your door from North Carolina 4-H and the JC …

Cover photo for What's in Season: August

What's in Season: August

Check out Sarah Lackey as she tells us what fruit is in season in North Carolina this August! What’s in …

Cover photo for What's in Season: July

What's in Season: July

Find out what’s in season in NC this July and a recipe that uses a lot of in-season vegetables! What’s …

Farmers Market Salsa!

Try this recipe for fresh salsa that is perfect to try right now! Farmers Market …

Cover photo for National Healthy Homes Month 2020

National Healthy Homes Month 2020

June is National Healthy Homes Month! Established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Lead …

Cover photo for Making Healthier Choices!

Making Healthier Choices!

How to make healthier choices when eating out or cooking at home! Making Healthier …

Cover photo for What's in Season? June in NC

What's in Season? June in NC

What’s in Season during June in North Carolina? Check out our new series where Sarah talks about fruits or vegetables …

Cover photo for NC COVID Moms Helpline

NC COVID Moms Helpline

Did you know that nearly one million mothers will give birth in the U.S. within the next three months? …

Cover photo for Herbed Popcorn & Pretzel Mix

Herbed Popcorn & Pretzel Mix

Join EFNEP Program Assistant Sarah Lackey as she takes us through a quick and easy snack recipe for a …

Cover photo for The Food Danger Zone

The Food Danger Zone

Stay out of the Danger Zone! Learn about the temperatures needed to keep food safe! The Danger Zone Stay out of …

Recent Publications related to Home & Family

Tips on Dealing with Stress

This publication offers tips on dealing with stress.

Expressing Feelings

Expressing feelings can lead to improved interpersonal relationships.

Toilet Learning

This publication describes how to recognize a child's readiness for toilet learning and how parents …


Myths and Facts About the National Flood Insurance Program

This publication clears up misconceptions about federal flood insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program.

Your Water Supply: Well Construction and Protection

This guide describes common types of well construction in North Carolina and offers advice for …


Pickle and Pickle Product Problems

This guide lists the problems that can arise in making sweet gherkin pickles and describes …

8/13/20For Safety's Sake

Thawing Food Safely

This factsheet describes how to safely thaw frozen foods.

8/13/20For Safety's Sake

Keeping Food Safe to Eat at Home

Foodborne illness is nearly 100 percent preventable if food is handled safely from the time it …