Arboretum Adult Education Continues Online in Spring 2021

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For spring 2021, N.C. Cooperative Extension, Forsyth County Center will continue the Arboretum Adult Education series with virtual classes each month.

The Arboretum Adult Education series is typically held at the Arboretum and Gardens at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC. Due to current restrictions on gatherings, these classes will be offered online using Zoom. The information in these classes will focus on recommendations for Forsyth County, NC, and the Piedmont region.

Please see below for more details about each class we will host this spring. Registration is required for each class and will open on our Eventbrite page 2 weeks prior to the class date. Information on how to join by Zoom will be sent by email to everyone who registers.

Wednesday, February 17: Foundation Plantings

Foundation plantings add beauty to the home. Jeff Allen, owner of Jeff Allen Landscape Architecture will discuss foundation plantings, including how Charles Eliot established this design theory and what it has grown into. Jeff will present and highlight the latest trends that are being followed.

plants in front of a wall

Wednesday, March 3: Snakes of Forsyth County

There are approximately 19 species of snakes found in Forsyth County, NC. Which snakes can help you with pest control in the garden? How do you distinguish venomous snakes from nonvenomous snakes? How can people avoid unwanted encounters with snakes, while allowing them to thrive and fulfill their important roles in the ecosystems? Phyllis Baker-Smith, Natural Resources and Environmental Systems Agent for N.C. Cooperative Extension, Forsyth County Center will answer these and many other common questions about snakes.

snake on the ground

Wednesday, April 21: Let’s Talk Pollinator Gardening

Join Dr. Danesha Seth Carly, Associate Professor of Horticultural Science at NC State University, for a class on how to plan and plant your way to successful and bee-utiful pollinator gardens. This presentation will bring science and art together to guide you through building, renovating, or enhancing your garden to help foster and protect pollinators and create your very own pollinator haven. We will discuss choosing locations, selecting the best plants for pollinators, how to consider seasonality in your garden design, how your landscape can help protect beneficials in your garden, and much more.

Bee activity on Agastache.

Please see our Eventbrite page to register. Registration is open 2 weeks prior to each class date. If you have questions, call our office at 336-703-2850.