What’s in Bloom, Week of June 11

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The garden continues to grow. Warmer temperatures mean increased growth for lots of plants, as long as they are getting enough water. In general, most plants do best when they receive 1 inch of water each week – this can be by rainfall or irrigation. Some plants will tolerate more or less water, especially after they are established in your garden.

For even more photos of what’s blooming now, plus archived photos and information on where to see these plants, visit our What’s in Bloom page.


Lantana is a tender perennial in our area. Lots of gardeners treat it as an annual, since it will not return after a harsh winter. This plant overwintered at our Demonstration Garden.

St John's wort

There are several species of Hypericum – this a groundcover that can tolerate some shade.


Sundew is a carnivorous plant. In the foreground, you can see its hairy stems which excrete a dew-like substance to catch insect prey.