North Carolina Junior Beef Round-Up Winners

— Written By and last updated by Kitrinka Gordon

Many Forsyth County 4-H members submitted an entry in the NC Junior Beef Round-Up photography competition. There were various categories and age groups that entered the photo contest, Forsyth County had entries in the animals, landscape, people, and graphic design photo categories. There were also three individuals that participated in Livestock Judging and placed first in the senior category. The Livestock Judging team participants also placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the individual category. The Jim Butler Overall Award was also presented to a member of the Forsyth County Livestock Judging Team.

Forsyth County had a great turn out for the Junior Beef Round-Up Photo Contest this year for every category. The placings are as follows:
  • Ages 9-11 Nate Bowman, 2nd place
  • Ages 12-15, Calleigh Wilson, 2nd place
  • Ages 16-21
  • Shyanne Knepp, 2nd place
  • Lily Knepp, 4th place
  • Ages 9-11 Nate Bowman, 1st place
  • Ages 12-15
  • Calleigh Wilson, 1st place
  • Luke, Arrowood, 2nd place
  • Ages 16-21 Lily Knepp, 3rd place
  • Ages 9-11 Nate Bowman, 2nd place
  • Ages 16-21 Lynae Bowman, 2nd place
Graphic Design
  • Ages 9-11 Nate Bowman, 2nd place
  • Ages 16-21 Lynae Bowman, 2nd place
Forsyth County also had a team participate in the Livestock Judging Competition. Lynae Bowman, Katherine Eastep, and Madison Sifford received First Place Senior Team. The girls also placed individually, Lynae Bowman (2nd Individual), Katherine Eastep (1st Individual), and Madison Sifford (3rd Individual).
Lynae Bowman received the Jim Butler Overall Award. 
Cows in pasture

Calleigh Wilson’s Landscape Entry (1st place)

Cow in pasture

Nate Bowman’s Landscape Entry (1st place)