Forsyth County Well Represented in District 4-H Competition!

— Written By Kitrinka Gordon
Forsyth County 4-H was well represented in the 2016 District 4-H Project Record book competition held in April. Below are the placings sorted by category (Note: Youth may join 4-H at age 5, but 5-8 year olds may only participate on the county level).
First Last Age Category Placing
Calleigh Wilson 11-12 Citizenship & Civic Education 2-Silver
Evan Crews 11-12 Citizenship & Civic Education 3-Bronze
Matthew Richardson 13-15 Citizenship & Civic Education 3-Bronze
David Winemiller 13-15 Citizenship & Civic Education County
Calleigh Wilson 11-12 Communications Arts 2-Silver
Jadyn Hooker 13-15 Communications Arts 2-Silver
Luke Arrowood 11-12 Environmental Science 1-Gold
Ethan Cook 11-12 Environmental Science 2-Silver
Spencer Cook 13-15 Environmental Science 2-Silver
Alex Arrowood 13-15 Environmental Science 3-Bronze
Laurelyn Ridge 11-12 Family & Consumer Sciences 1-Gold
Laurelyn Ridge 11-12 Healthy Lifestyles 1-Gold
Stephen Pledger 11-12 Healthy Lifestyles 3-Bronze
Jadyn Hooker 13-15 Healthy Lifestyles 1-Gold
Dalton Smythers 9-10 Personal Development & Leadership 1-Gold
Stephen Pledger 11-12 Personal Development & Leadership 1-Gold
Evan Crews 11-12 Personal Development & Leadership 2-Silver
Alex Arrowood 13-15 Personal Development & Leadership County
Spencer Cook 13-15 Personal Development & Leadership County
Samuel Barrick 16-18 Personal Development & Leadership 1-Gold
Luke Arrowood 11-12 Science & Technology 3-Bronze
Austin Wise 13-15 Science & Technology 3-Bronze
Members of 4-H are also able to combine three years of project work into one book called a portfolio. Portfolios are judged on the district level and district winners advance to state. Forsyth County submitted the most Portfolios of all the counties in the state!!! We are very proud of their efforts. 
First Last Age Category State District
Alex Arrowood 13-15 Citizenship & Community Service 1-Gold 1-Gold
David Winemiller 13-15 Citizenship & Community Service 2-Silver
Spencer Cook 13-15 Expressive Arts 2-Silver 2-Silver
Jadyn Hooker 13-15 Expressive Arts 1-Gold 1-Gold
Alex Arrowood 13-15 Forestry & Natural Resources 3-Bronze 2-Silver
Jadyn Hooker 13-15 Forestry & Natural Resources 2-Silver 1-Gold
Andrew Pledger 13-15 Health & Safety 2-Silver 1-Gold
Spencer Cook 13-15 Leadership 3-Bronze 2-Silver
Andrew Pledger 13-15 Plant & Horticultural Sciences 2-Silver 1-Gold
Click here ( to learn more about 4-H project record books and portfolios.