What’s in Bloom in Forsyth County – 30 April 2020

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Between April showers, there’s a lot to enjoy in the gardens this week! The spring ephemerals are coming to the end of their bloom time, but late spring favorites such as peonies are just coming into flower.

For more photos from this week and past weeks, and information on where to see these plants in person, visit our What’s in Bloom page.


Peonies are blooming at the Arboretum and at the Demonstration Gardens.

Thyme in flower

If you look closely, common thyme is flowering. This is a wonderful herb and groundcover.

Arrowwood viburnum flowers

Viburnums, like this Arrowwood viburnum, continue to bloom at the Arboretum.

American wisteria flowers

American wisteria blooms later in the season than its Asian cousins, and is in flower right now at both the Arboretum and the Demonstration Garden. This native flowering vine is must less weedy than its non-native relatives.

For more information on these and other plants for your garden, check out the NC Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox.