NC State Fair Livestock Judging and Skillathon

— Written By Kitrinka Gordon
2016 Forsyth/Stokes 4-H Livestock Judging Team at the NC State Fair Contest

2016 Forsyth/Stokes 4-H Livestock Judging Team at the NC State Fair Contest

Pictured left to right: Hannah King, Michelle Hartman, Kali Mabe, Anna Hill, Lynae Bowman, April Bowman (coach), Allison Hartman, Madison Sifford, Sierra Sockwell, Lakota Sockwell and Kayla Birkholz.

The Forsyth/Stokes 4-H Livestock Team competed in the NC State Fair competition in Raleigh, October 29-30, 2016. Youth competed in the livestock judging competition on Saturday where they evaluated and placed twelve classes made up of four animals in each class of sheep, beef cattle, meat goats, and sheep. The juniors (youth 13 and under) then gave two sets of “oral reasons” and the seniors (youth ages 14-18) gave four sets, defending their placings on specific classes. On Sunday, the youth returned to compete in the Skillathon competition, which included Livestock Quality Assurance, Livestock Equipment, Breed, Meat Identification and Meat Evaluation.


*indicates a Senior, ages 14-18 years old

Category Placing
Anna Hill Sheep 1st
Lynae Bowman Sheep 4th
Michelle Hartman Sheep 12th
Junior Team Sheep 1st
Kali Mabe Sheep 8th
Lynae Bowman Swine 5th
Anna Hill Swine 9th
Junior Team Swine 3rd
Lynae Bowman Beef Cattle 5th
Madison Sifford* Beef Cattle 10th
Lynae Bowman Meat Goats 13th
Kali Mabe* Meat Goats 11th
Madison Sifford* Meat Goats 13th
Junior Team Meat Goats 7th
Senior Team Meat Goats 5th
Lynae Bowman Oral Reasons 4th
Michelle Hartman Oral Reasons 10th
Junior Team Judging Oral Reasons 3rd
Lynae Bowman Judging Overall 2nd
Junior Team Judging Overall 3rd
Kayla Birkholz Skillathon Quality Assurance 1st
Lynae Bowman Skillathon Quality Assurance 3rd
Anna Hill Skillathon Quality Assurance 14th
Hannah King* Skillathon Quality Assurance 2nd
Kali Mabe* Skillathon Quality Assurance 13th
Madison Sifford* Skillathon Quality Assurance 18th
Sierra Sockwell* Skillathon Quality Assurance 10th
Junior Team Skillathon Quality Assurance 4th
Senior Team* Skillathon Quality Assurance 2nd
Lynae Bowman Skillathon Identification 2nd
Anna Hill Skillathon Identification 15th
Hannah King* Skillathon Identification 6th
Kali Mabe* Skillathon Identification 17th
Madison Sifford* Skillathon Identification 14th
Sierra Sockwell Skillathon Identification 11th
Junior Team Skillathon Identification 6th
Senior Team Skillathon Identification 2nd
Lynae Bowman Skillathon Evaluation 14th
Allison Hartman Skillathon Evaluation 10th
Hannah King* Skillathon Evaluation 15th
Kali Mabe* Skillathon Evaluation 2nd
Madison Sifford* Skillathon Evaluation 8th
Sierra Sockwell* Skillathon Evaluation 9th
Junior Team Skillathon Evaluation 5th
Senior Team* Skillathon Evaluation 1st
Lynae Bowman Skillathon Overall 4th
Allison Hartman* Skillathon Overall 25th
Hannah King* Skillathon Overall 5th
Kali Mabe* Skillathon Overall 15th
Madison Sifford* Skillathon Overall 13th
Sierra Sockwell* Skillathon Overall 10th
Junior Team Skillathon Overall 6th
Senior Team* Skillathon Overall 2nd

The team is sponsored by Forsyth and Stokes County Farm Bureau, Stokes County United Fund and Alpha Graphics. We are extremely grateful for their support.

The NC State Fair Livestock Contests were sponsored by the NC Cattlemen’s Association, the NC State Fair, Show-Rite Feeds and Animals R Us.

For additional information about 4-H, and/or 4-H Livestock Competitions please contact the Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Center at 336-703-2855 or visit or the Stokes County Cooperative Extension Center at 336-593-8179 or visit