Announcing the Winners of Forsyth County’s 4H Talent Show

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We are pleased to announce the winners of the annual Forsyth County 4-H Talent Show:

The overall winner of the performing arts competition was Reid Swann who performed an original R&B/Rap inspired composition titled “From the Start.” Shandi Kalien McDaniel earned second place with a soul-stirring rendition of Sam Cook’s “A Change is Gonna Come.” Laurelyn Ridge was the overall winner of the Cecil and Leonard sketch, which is comprised of stand up comedy, and Spencer Cook took second place in that same category.

In the visual and expressive arts competition, Blaise Gourley and LilyRose Gourley tied for first place. Blaise contributed an original poem entitled, “American Dream.” LilyRose displayed an original painting. The overall winners in each age group were Benjamin Cook (ages 6-8); Calleigh Wilson (ages 9-11); Lynae Bowman (ages 12-14); and Allison McCallister (ages 15 and up).

The 2016 Forsyth County 4-H Talent Show featured over 20 performances and 60 pieces of visual art on display. We offer our heartfelt congratulations to all of our winners listed above and a round of applause to all of the participants.

Group photo of participants

Performance participants and visual arts contributors to the 2016 Forsyth County Talent Show.

To find out more about the Talent Show, visit our website here.