Boxwood Blight in Forsyth County

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Boxwood Blight is a disease that only boxwoods can get if the conditions are right…

One of the major issues with this problem is that it should not be chipped up or composted as it could then spread the disease to other boxwoods. Spores of the fungus can be spread by humans, insects, animals and horticultural tools. Currently the recommendation from NCSU specialists is not to compost any of the boxwood materials. Although we know the spores found on leaves do not typically survive or spread when temperatures are consistently above 91 degrees; no research is available to guarantee composting will kill the blight pathogen found throughout the plant’s stem structure. So burning or burying are the only acceptable means of disposing of infected boxwoods.

Here are local Landfills willing to accept boxwood materials to be buried…with the exception of Hanes Mill Road Landfill, make sure to contact the landfill ahead of time about boxwood materials coming their way. Check here for more information about Forsyth County landfills.

  • Piney Hills LCID, 2801 Piney Grove Rd, Kernersville
  • Baux Mountain LCID, Baux Mountain Rd, Germanton
  • J. Westmoreland, Inc., Walnut Cove Rd, Walkertown
  • Andrews Farm LCID, Rolling Hill Dr., Tobaccoville
  • Hanes Mill Road Landfill, 325 W. Hanes Mill Road, Winston-Salem, NC

You can read more about the blight in the below links

If you suspect your boxwood plants have the disease, you can submit samples to the N.C. State University Plant Disease and Insect Clinic. Branches, stems, and leaves damaged by the disease make the best samples. Double-bag three or four cuttings, each measuring 6 to 8 inches long, in sealable plastic bags, and ship them to the lab in a sturdy box. The testing is free for those who follow guidelines outlined at

If you live in Forsyth County and need assistance submitting a plant sample to the clinic, please call our office at 336-703-2850.

If your shrubs test positive, there is no treatment. Collect all boxwood debris from the ground, and either burn or bury the plants; never compost them.

Leslie Rose, our horticulture agent, is the point of contact in Forsyth County ( or 336-703-2850).